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What Size Wheel Bearings do I Have?

What is the Bolt Pattern on My Wheel?

5 bolt wheel rims are 5 on 4.5"

6 bolt wheel rims are 6 on 5.5"

8 bolt wheel rims are 8 on 6.5"

What is the Recommended Wheel Torque?

Steel Wheels:  80 to 90 ft-lb

Aluminum Wheels:  90 to 100 ft-lb

What is the Recommended Grease Type in My Hubs?

Lithium Plex Red Grease #2

Why are My Disc Brakes Locking Up When Backing?

Disc brake actuators have a backup solenoid built into them. The backup solenoid is hooked up using the 5 flat or 7 round connector, with the blue wire activating the solenoid when the tow vehicle is put into reverse. In addition, some actuators also have a manual brake lockout to use to lockout the brakes. IMPORTANT - Do not leave manual lock out in place!!

Where Can I Find My Trailer VIN?

The trailer VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or serial number is a 17 digit number located on the VIN label. Yacht Club Trailers will have the VIN label on the outside, left side (drivers) of the trailer frame, near where the sides meet the tongue. Eagle trailers will have the VIN label on the rear facing side of the nose cross member, at the rear of the tongue.

What is the Ball Size of My Trailer?

You must verify by identifying the ball size listed on the brake actuator. As a general rule, trailers up to and including 6500 pounds of carrying capacity have a 2" ball, and trailers over 6500 pounds of carrying capacity have a 2 5/16" ball

What Type of Brake Fluid Does My Trailer Use?

If your trailer is equipped with hydraulic brakes, DOT 3 brake fluid is used

How Much Tongue Weight Should I Have?

The general rule is 5% - 10% of the gross load weight. Do not overload hitch or coupler/actuator tongue weight rating. Make sure trailer is sitting level during transport.

How Often Should I Service My Bearings?

Bearing service should occur once a year, prior to putting the trailer away for storage. Un-serviced bearings will hold moisture and the bearings will rust during idle time. Failure will occur once used has begun.

What is the Color Code of My Wiring?

Brown wire: Running Lights

Green wire: Right side (passenger side) brake and turn lights

Yellow wire: Left side (drivers side) brake and turn lights

White wire: Ground

Blue wire: Backup solenoid or backup lights (if equipped)

What Type of Wood is Used on My Bunks?

Carpeted bunks are made from Standard Grade Pine

Can I Buy a Trailer Direct from HLT Limited?

HLT Limited does not sell trailers directly to the retail public. We rely on a network of distributors and dealers to sell and service our trailers. Your local dealer can help you select the proper trailer, and provide you the service and care you deserve.

How do I obtain a duplicate VIN label?

Cost: $10.00

Return completed Affidavit to HLT Limited

How do I obtain a duplicate MSO?

Cost: $25.00

Return completed Affidavit to HLT Limited


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